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October 17, 2012
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AeroByDesign For Windows 8 by LiveOrDieTM AeroByDesign For Windows 8 by LiveOrDieTM
For Windows 8.1 support go to the link below…

AeroByDesign for Windows 8 (Nothing more than Class)

This is my 1st theme i have made with WSB, I was going for a default clean sleek look just to get that good old feel back so enjoy.

Theme Install
Extract files to " c: > windows > resources > themes"

User Frame Install
Copy the AeroByDesign.msstyles to "C:Users > USERNAME > AppDataLocal > StartIsBackStyles" and apply as Visual Style in StartIsBack

• This theme requires your theme DLLs to be patched please install uxstyle or UltraUXThemePatcher

• 3 Themes included
1. White caption text + blue progress bars (AeroByDesignSignature.msstyles)
2. White caption text + green progress bars (AeroByDesignGreen.msstyles)
3. White caption text + blue progress bars + Solid Black Taskbar (AeroByDesignSBTB.msstyles)

Removed Themes
1. Dark Gray caption text with glow + green progress bars
2. Dark Gray caption text with glow + blue progress bars

Change Log 15-04-13 (Final Release)
• Add Theme White caption text + green progress bars (AeroByDesignGreen.msstyles)

Change Log 04/12/12
• Some Themes have been removed will update them if requested
• New Start Menu design based off the taskbar
• Display picture added back to start menu (Can now be disabled with in StartIsBack)
• Inactive boarder colour has been darkened to match the taskbar
• New User Picture frame will auto apply in later versions of StartIsBack but for now read User Frame Install above

Change Log 03/11/12
• Updated scrollbars to match Windows 8 explorer ribbon design (more visible for resolutions higher than 1920x1080)

Change Log 24/10/12
• Colorization added to Aero Peek windows they now follow your Personalization colour
• White boarder line added to Aero Peek inner windows
• Start Menu updated to match windows 8 and AeroByDesign when using StartIsBack
• Display picture removed from start menu
• Aero Basic updated to black with matching windows 8 frames and Caption Buttons
• Revised a few of the Caption Buttons
• Increased title glow on themes with glow
• Border width size changed from 4 to 2

Change Log 17/10/12
• Colorization added to inactive windows they now follow your Personalization colour
• Added a dark gradient to all window frames
• Changed active font to white inactive to light gray
• White boarder line added to all windows, taskbar and Aero Peek
• Changed all progress bars to blue colour matched Hard Drive Usage Colour, use themes with BPB in their titles for blue bars
• Added glow to all caption text, use themes with Glow in their titles for text glow
• New Caption Buttons for all windows
• New Scroll Bars
• Added refined shadows to windows frames

By LiveOrDie 2012
Special thanks to Avitus12 for the help with the small caption buttons and Nighthawk-F22 for assistance.
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Shashank320 Apr 3, 2014  New member
Does It Work on windows 7 home basic ???
What would be awesome is if these balls actually existed so I could put them on my pool table to light up a dim room during a party! Great theme btw! no issues in using it!
thanks for all that!
Thanks a bunch. I was looking for something like this. Thank you.
bagusdwisatrio Oct 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
That`s what I did. When I try to run the installer I get "your theme subsystem has been tampered with. UxStyle requires these files be restored before you can continue."
-> How can I fix this?
Try UltraUXThemePatcher then
What do I make wrong? I can see and select this theme but the font is still black and not white.
Download uxstyle
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